Xamin Your Life

Here at Xamin, we pride ourselves in creating a work culture that allows our employees to create a healthy work-life balance no matter where they are in the country or their walk in life. Our friends over at The Ladders thought our grasp of work-life balance was pretty great too. 

Well, four months ago, we launched a health challenge called #XaminYourLife — this differed from a typical New Year resolution challenge (you know, one where 80% of people are not likely to keep past the first month?). This challenge asked each Xamin team member to examine their life and ask themselves “What do you wish to change in your life?”  Bad habits, weight loss, cutting out certain foods, and striving for better mental health are among several of the goals we’ve seen throughout the duration this challenge. Monthly check ins, accountability partners, motivational playlists and fantastic prizes are amongst the fun we’ve had during this life changing experience for over 60% of our staff.


Today we caught up with Sheryl Smith, an Xamin team member who is (currently) in the lead of the #XaminYourLife challenge. She speaks on the impact this fun and friendly competition has had on her life, her family, and her future:


Q. What made you want to sign up for the challenge?

A. I always like to be active in whatever we are doing within Xamin as a group.  The challenge came at a perfect time for me. My oldest daughter is getting married in September, and I have a pretty important role of “Mother of the Bride” to own up to.  I just started working on prioritizing myself in life.  I have been a single mother of 3 girls for the last 15 years, and my life was about them, and I ignored ME.  Now that they are young women and in their 20’s, it just hit me hard that I need to take my health seriously and also be a good role model for them. I also believe that reaching your goals as a group can be very rewarding and help you push a bit more.  I have been with Xamin for just short of 8 years, and this is my family as well and who more would I want to accomplish this with than with all of my coworkers? I have a sincere comfort zone within our company, and I know that our Xamin family will put forth efforts wholeheartedly and sincerely to help one another reach their goals and succeed to a higher level of health.  


Q. What has been the biggest challenge thus far?

A.  Honestly, I do not feel anything has been a challenge.  I set my mind to what I am going to achieve, and my new path and I do not look back or ponder on any of it.  It is what I am doing and not a challenge at all.  It is just an alteration to my life now.  I truly do not even think about it.  I would say it is the complete opposite of a challenge.


Q. What serves as your motivation?

A. Life itself serves as my motivation.  I love life and I want to continue to  live it to the fullest. Of course my own self, my girls, family and friends, and coworkers  are counting on me in life and it is my responsibility and obligation to give them me in the healthiest way possible, for obvious reason.  I have many years left and I want to feel the young years as long as I can.  I do not want to be pulled down by health issues by any means. I want to be the Crazy Energizer Bunny that I am known for, for my entire life. 


Q. How do you think our remote culture benefits you as you reach your goals?  
A. I think our remote culture aids in reaching my goals in different ways:
No excuses.  Our remote culture gives you a bit more time slots to focus on yourself. Not having a commute on a daily basis, gives you that time. Life is so busy and it is easy to make an excuse of “No time” for healthy paths or efforts. Being remote automatically gives that time back to you.
You can eat better.  Being remote also is easier to eat healthier by being home and having access to the healthy foods that we should all be consuming. Working outside the home opens up the opportunity to go out to eat, forget lunches at home, go out if extended hours are in need (and that is a constant in our field) , eating desserts brought in by vendors, clients, other coworkers, etc. This is all eliminated and plays a HUGE role in making better choices in what you consume.
You have more freedom. Our remote culture also gives us the freedom to plan our days out a bit different, this can incorporate gym visits, etc to be done during your lunch, alter your start time, end time to accommodate your own schedule. The beauty of being 100% remote is just that… you are REMOTE. So no matter where we are or what we are doing, we are fully equipped to do our position in the company from any device. Nothing can go missed. We can resolve and take on any issue fully from anywhere in the world and no matter what we are involved in. It is that easy, therefore we have a bit more to work with than being in an office that is locally controlled.

Q. Will you continue this lifestyle change after the contest is done? Why or why not?
A There is no discussion, no thoughts or any chance I will fall, fail or not continue moving in the direction that I set my goal for.  When I set a goal, it is a life-changing event; I do not look back.  This is why when I do make a change, I do it in full force and with much research, education and support.  I cannot do anything in life unless I understand it completely and know exactly what I am doing. I will not even make an effort , if I do not have all of that.  I know all too well that acting upon impulse and “just doing” is not going to bring you success, for me anyway. The alterations that I have made..weight loss, lowering of my extreme and medicated high blood pressure, muscle toning and body strength are all things that I HAD to change to be a better me.  I was not the best mother, daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, niece, friend, employee, coworker in the state I was in, in my opinion.  I now feel I am the best person I can be and I will continue to build on that and better daily as we all should.  I am just making sure that health is a key factor in the betterment now and moving forward.  There will be NO looking back for Sheryl.