Xamin Releases SIEM Service For Highly Regulated Organizations

Auditors have a funny way of making banking personnel and executives have a pit in their stomachs from the time they know that an audit period will begin until the process is over. Are you finding yourself having that feeling? Xamin is happy to announce the release of a new service, SIEM, (Security Information and Event Management) of which will remove some of the pain of the audit process.

Some of the exciting features of our new service offering include:

  • 24/7 Log Monitoring
  • Hybrid Structure
  • Dynamically grows with your organization
  • Sized to fit with your organization
  • Meets SOC 2 requirements

Xamin’s SIEM encompasses cutting edge technology and has a feature set that could quite arguably be known as the security service banks have been waiting for. Our model features log aggregation and active directory monitoring, all while also meeting the high SOC2 requirements.

“It’s important, in today’s age of security, that financial institutions take full advantage of services like Xamin SIEM.,” says Xamin’s CTO and President, Erik Gustafson ” While monitoring or analyzing data is the first step in a security plan, we no longer can afford to do nothing and hope for the best. It’s no longer ‘if’ your organization will be attacked, it’s ‘when.’ We at Xamin truly believe that our new service will prove to be a tremendous value to organizations that care about their institution’s security.”

While this service was designed to assist our financial clients, we’re excited to provide this service to any highly regulated organization, like healthcare based companies.

How much better would you sleep knowing that someone knows exactly what your firewall is doing and what’s happening with your active directory?
How else will SIEM help you sleep better at night? See our qualified technical sales staff for more details.


For sales and client inquiries, contact Matthew Gardner: mgardner(at)xamin.com
For all press inquiries, contact Hope Alcocer: hope(at)xamin.com