Xamin Clients Untouched By Latest Attack

Xamin is aware of the latest ransomware, goldeneye/petya/notpetya.  This latest ransomware takes advantage of the same exploit the wannacry ransomware did that was discovered in leaked NSA documentation early this year.  Microsoft released patches in March for all supported operating systems as well as older operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Server 2003) that resolve the vulnerability.

Xamin customers who we manage patches for are safe from the worm-like behaviour of this ransomware attack.

Additionally, BitDefender blocks the currently known samples of this new GoldenEye/Petya/NotPetya variant.

As of today, June 29th, a security researcher has found a vaccine for the current version of GoldenEye/Petya/NotPetya. A file named perfc is placed in the C:\Windows directory. When the malware first launches it checks for the existence of it and if it finds it the malware exits without encrypting the hard drive.

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Never save or open an attachment from a suspicious email or click any links within one.