What Tools Do You Need to Work Remotely?

A company culture that revolves around working from home is becoming more and more popular across the

board, in a variety of industries.

It’s easy to see why: productivity levels are increased, happier employees, and flexible lifestyles can be had across the org chart.

Working remote is becoming the preferred way to work for a variety of reasons.  A successful company can not just vote to work from home and call it good, though, it takes two things for a successful business thriving remotely: tools + teamwork. 

At Xamin, we’re proud to have a team that is dedicated wether they are working in their pajamas, on a plane headed to a conference, working at a desk, or chilling on a beach with their laptop sipping a mojito. It’s this dedication and respect for the work culture that Xamin employees are given that allows such great teamwork to occur on a day to day basis.

Now, our team could not be the rockstars that they are without the necessary tools to get their job done most effectively from where ever they are — at home or on the run; on a job onsite or at their desk.

We polled a couple of our team members and asked them “What are some tools you can’t live without?”


Connectwise is the piece that puts all of it together for the entire company. Salesforce is where the entire Sales team creates and puts the action into play. This is where it all starts. Labtech manages and gives us all the information we need for the devices (almost all of them) that we manage. Yammer is important to keep the personal end of our lives out there a bit. It is a piece that is outside of skype that I feel keeps us socially connected. Abacus for expenses and Sharepoint is HUGE for storing all of our documents that would normally be a cluster of paperwork and office cabinets. We get to eliminate all of that with tools like these. – Sheryl,  Procurement Specialist



Citrix and Skype. Without these, I’m not sure it would be even possible to function the way that we do, definitely not to the same efficiency.

Yammer is another that is specifically important for me. It allows me to continue communication with the whole team despite access to our internal systems. When working on major internal projects, issues or updates, it becomes especially important. – Ben,  Infrastructure Manager 


Citrix and Skype are key providers of remote life for ProServ team members. Citrix allows me to seamlessly transition from working at home, to the airport, in a hotel, or in a server room without missing a beat. Skype allows me to have face-to-face interactions with my colleagues from anywhere in the world, at any time, as long as I have a cell signal or Internet connection. – JeremyManager of Professional Services 





My role is all about internal and external communication, so hands down for me skype. Allows face to face meetings from anywhere. Yesterday at a coffee shop in a health facility – still attended meeting for a project update. Just like I was there!  – Mark, Relationship Manager







For me its our Cloud based sales tools Salesforce and Octiv that make my work life easier. These are well built cloud based apps that are always available.  – Pete, Director of Sales Engineering 






For me it’s Connectwise, Skype, Sharepoint in that order with Basecamp and Yammer to follow. These are my vitals for my remote world. – Gabe, Project Manager