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XAMIN | IT services shaped by auditors for highly regulated industries

Moving Forward. Above and Beyond.

Our aim is to provide the tools and expertise needed to streamline compliance procedures and drive down bottom-line costs for organizations operating in highly regulated markets. Our goal, simply stated, is to turn our clients’ results-driven aspirations into attainable realities.

We’ve become an industry leader by adhering to principles that emphasize forward-looking IT solutions delivered through client-focused relationships. We believe in the transformative power of technology—the idea that the right IT tools in the right hands can increase efficiencies, drive measurable change and ultimately, help transform organizations. But we believe just as passionately in the importance of a firm handshake over a signed contract.

We’ve gained the trust of organizations across the country by going above and beyond—by taking the time to understand each unique challenge and then implementing customized solutions that not only meet expectations but exceed them. In our experience, there is no substitute for integrity. And our enduring partnerships and record of achievements proves this to us again and again.


Jonathan Smith - Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan currently resides in Lake in the Hills, Illinois. A founder of Xamin, he has been with the company since 1999 and also serves as Chairman of the Board.  His hobbies include following Marquette University’s Men’s Basketball, playing golf & basketball, and spending time with family and friends.  Jonathan is an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO Chicago Chapter), a global, peer-to-peer network of more than 12,000+ influential business owners, and serves on the Board of Directors as Recruiting Chair.  He correspondingly has volunteered as a mentor to EO’s Accelerator Program for 1st stage entrepreneurs.  Jonathan is active with the Association for Financial Technology and assists as a mentor for INCubatoredu, an organization that provides entrepreneurial education to high school students.

Erik Gustafson, Chief Technology Officer

Erik, Chicagoland native.  He has been with Xamin for collectively nearly 11 years. Before joining Xamin, Erik was with Terremark Verizon for four years as Enterprise Solutions architect and manager a backup services, and with VerityThree for five years as manager of network services. Erik is an avid golfer, published author, an all-around Tech Junkie, and Seinfeld aficionado

Matthew Gardner, Sales Manager

Matthew has been immersed in the tech industry for 30 years, and a part of the Xamin family for five. He currently resides in Palm Coast, Florida. His hobbies include spending time with this family, all things beach, traveling, and volunteerism based on bible education.

Pete Smothers, Director of Sales Engineering

Pete has been with Xamin for nearly 17 years. He currently resides in Woodstock, Illinois with his family. His hobbies include guitar, tae kwon do, snowboarding, and golf. His credentials include MCSE, MCSA, and VCP.

Jeff Kuehn, Manager Systems Engineering

Jeff has been with Xamin for over 7 years. He holds a degree in Informational Technology and currently resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His hobbies include ATV riding, attending his kids sporting activities, and any Iowa Hawkeyes sporting event (major fan!).

George Yang, Support Manager

George has been with Xamin for over a decade. He currently resides in Gilbert, Arizona. His career highlights include development of Xamin’s NOC team and our 24/7 alerting process. Client surveys have a 96%(29/30) satisfied score for the last 4 years, but he counts this more of a team than personal accomplishment. His hobbies include reading, hiking, golfing, video games, model kit building and is an avid soccer lover and Packers fan. George is certified in MCDST and MCP.

Hope Alcocer, Creative Ambassador

The newest member of the Xamin family, Hope joined Xamin in 2016. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to her role as Creative Ambassador at Xamin, she also serves as the Executive Assistant to the President.  Her hobbies include writing her second book, drinking copious amounts of coffee, working out, and traveling back to the midwest to see her family.

Ben Fishbune, Infrastructure Manager

Ben has been with Xamin for nearly a decade and currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin. His career accomplishments include virtualizing a 2200 user network to VMware solution in 2007. In addition, he has managed and overseen the deployment of the entire infrastructure and internal domain refresh during Xamin’s rebranding. His hobbies include: sports, cooking, hiking/camping, guitar, and traveling. He holds degrees in Business and Computer Science and certifications include: VCP, MCP and ECSA.

Mark Wagner, Relationship Manager

Mark joined the Xamin family three years ago. He has  over 35 years of experience in the fintech industry, and relationship management for over 15 years. He currently resides in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His hobbies include weight training and conditioning, guitar, piano and singer/songwriting. Mark also enjoys time at his cottage in central Wisconsin, boating and their 2 rescue dogs, Rocco and Chi Chi.

Jeremy Baumruk, Manager of Professional Services

Jeremy currently resides in Chandler, Arizona and has been with Xamin since graduating college with a degree in Computer Science. His career accomplishments include managing major projects for our financial clients with a high success rate and positive feedback.  He has assisted Fiserv with countless consulting engagement projects to detect performance issues and resolve them.  Lastly, Jeremy has led a training session for new CDW sales engineers on technology in community banks to help them understand how to sell to the financial industry. His hobbies include golf, creating music, hiking, traveling, and playing with new tech gadgets. His certifications include MCP, VTSP, and FCNSA.


Lonny Brooks, Manager of Security Services

Lonny joined the Xamin family in November of 2014 and serves as the manager of security services. Lonny has been immersed in the IT industry for over 20 years,and is a former team member at Verizon and HR Block. He is self taught, and carries several security certifications. He currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas and hobbies include video Games, wine making, camping, and fishing.

Gabe Thomas, Project Manager

Gabe has been a part of the Xamin family since early 2013. He currently resides in Montgomery, IL and has an array of hobbies including playing sports (especially basketball), reading, gardening, and volunteering weekly to educate individuals in his community for his religious organization. His volunteering includes providing various forms of support both locally and globally, from IT support to training.

Kelley Forsythe, Controller

Kelley currently resides in Lindenhurst, Illinois. She has been with Xamin for over five years when she joined the Xamin family with a dual major in Finance and Economics, and a Masters in Economics. Her hobbies include shopping and fashion, fitness, enjoying her new baby, traveling, and wine tasting with her hubby.

 Why Choose us

For those who follow us closely, you know that we invest an extraordinary amount of time and energy promoting a truly fresh and unique internal culture. The better we understand ourselves and who we want to become, the more we identify and align with our clients. The better we align with our clients, the more passion and value infused into our relationships. We believe that it is extremely important to align ourselves well with our customers. Below are the benefits we can provide to our clients with this philosophy.


What separates us from the rest?


  1. Our Shaped by Auditors for Auditors? solutions address the highly regulated industry and the impact of compliance/ regulatory requirements1. Our Shaped by Auditors for Auditors? solutions address the highly regulated industry and the impact of compliance/ regulatory requirements (SOC 2 Type II certified)
  2. We provide secure, enterprise class services at a competitive price.
  3. There is no one better than us at predicting, creating, then shaping our clients IT roadmap with their business initiatives.
  4. We’re connected and highly influential in the highly regulated communities.  Imagine having a voice everyday that has access to leadership and board room discussions.
  5. We integrate holistically and provide tremendous added value to internal IT personnel.
  6. It is our responsibility and talent at finding the best people, regardless of geography.
  7. Our staff is job focused instead of being focused on hours. That means we work to get the job done regardless of the time of day or night.
  8. We approach every client interaction with the understanding of long term resolution.
  9. Our team would do IT even if we didn’t pay them. It has been said that we are like a group of friends that are having a network party in their garage.
  10. Technology is not just a job but a way of life for us.
Our Partners

Strategic Parnters


Xamin, Inc. has carefully chosen to partner with these industry-leading groups to provide the best solutions for your organization. These strategic partner relationships further identify us as progressive technology advisors to our clients. With our elite partnerships, Xamin expands our credentials which allow us to grow using industry leading technologies. Each partnership requires extensive knowledge and training of product lines and implementation guidelines so that we can make educated and forward-thinking decisions for our clients.

Preferred Vendors


A preferred vendor relationship is more than an opportunity for our clients to leverage buying power. It’s also the assurance of having a highly educated network of professionals working closely together to deliver your project. With our elite partnerships, Xamin expands our credentials which allow us to grow using industry leading technologies. Each partnership requires extensive knowledge and training of product lines and implementation guidelines so that we can make educated and forward-thinking decisions for our clients.