Our Leadership

Our Leadership Team

Jonathan Smith
Chief Executive Officer

When surrounded by success, failure is not a consideration. Growing up, Jonathan watched his father build a thriving engineering firm from the ground up in the midst of a recession. It was this firsthand perspective of fearless entrepreneurship that would eventually lead Jonathan on a similar path of his own. At age 19, while in college, Jonathan, along with current Director of Sales Engineering, Pete Smothers, recognized a need for providing better technology solutions to the community, and launched Xamin, Inc.

That simple vision has flourished into a well-respected, national leader of technology solutions. Smith continues to surround himself with success. He has embraced years of collective experience through strategic visionary relationships. He has hired the best people possible regardless of geography who align perfectly with the business’s innovating culture. He has empowered his peers to take ownership of their own visions and encourages them to create their own life, leadership, business and legacy plans. Smith leads the vision of this rapidly growing firm, and is responsible for overseeing all strategic initiatives. He is deeply involved with new business development, finance, marketing, and other efforts that positively influence his team’s high-performing culture.

Erik Gustafson
Chief Technology Officer

Erik Gustafson is known for saying things like “treat everyone like adults, prepare during the Calm before the storm and take risks but fully know the risks you are taking .” CTO at Xamin, Erik is a hands-on leader who focuses on perfecting company culture and optimal efficiency. Erik believes that by treating his employees and clients like respected adults, you can get a better results on anything in business.

This take on business has resulted in a self policing company environment as well as straightforward and truthful client relations.

Over the next two years, Erik plans to increase Xamin Focus and knowledge in all things financial institutions. Xamin is already a subject matter expert in banking, banking regulations, and the audit process that financial institutions must go through, this increased focus will ensure that Xamin remains the go-to company in the FI managed services space for years to come.