Our CEO’s Message

For those who follow us closely, you know that we invest an extraordinary amount of time and energy promoting a truly fresh and unique internal culture. The better we understand ourselves and who we want to become, the more we identify and align with our clients. The better we align with our clients, the more passion and value infused into our relationships. We continue to build our high-performing team regardless of geography. We are results focused while not relying on your typical 8-hour day. We embrace the same emerging technologies internally as we recommend to our clients. We combine work and play events around the country and encourage family to join. All for the sole purpose of strengthening our internal relationships so that our clients get the best of us.

The word Xamin, pronounced like the word “examine,” identifies with our internal culture and our external position in supporting highly regulated markets. It’s unique. It’s fresh. It’s tech-savvy. It’s us.

Before our rebrand in 2014, I anonymously surveyed our staff and asked them to describe how they viewed our organization in a few words. The responses I received back were powerful and inspiring. As I navigated through each adjective and phrase, I couldn’t help but focus on one response that continued to resurface; “no limits.”

As the final replies came in, an overwhelming feeling of validation set in. Not myself, not the ownership of the firm, not the executive leadership team; our very own employees had the answer that would sum up our past years of hard work and the amazing opportunities that lie ahead. “No limits.” Certainly, our identity must follow suit. Xamin loosely spelled backwards is “no max.”

Some companies may change their name because they are looking for a restart. Some because of an acquisition or new ownership. Our change was made simply because, now more than ever, we know who we are and who we are not. I believe this distinction translates into an internal and external fan base that is unlike any other.

Xamin. Your Future.

Jonathan Smith
Chief Executive Officer

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Thu, June 29th, 2017 03:56 PM
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