Xamin, a leading provider of managed IT services for highly regulated and reputation-sensitive companies, announced today that the company achieved a 20 percent increase in business last year in response to a growing number of organizations tapping the provider for its compliance-focused solutions.

Technology is ever-changing and organizational strategy must remain flexible and adaptable. Additionally, cloud technologies are as equal an opportunity as they are a threat. Companies like Xamin play an important role in helping organizations leverage new technologies and allows companies to focus on their key business goals. Xamin’s vendor management strategies and safeguards ensure technology partners remain compliant.

Moreover, the company differentiates itself by investing deeply in its advisory approach over the traditional “set-it-and-forget-it” model, as well as being strongly compliance focused with SOC2 Certification with no deviations YOY (less than one percent of MSPs), which is critical to highly regulated and reputation-sensitive companies such as financial institutions.

Because technology continues to change at a pace like no other industry, companies need to turn to a trusted partner to free up their Information Technology (IT) departments, keep up with demands for IT expertise, achieve greater scalability, shift the burden of compliance and have predictable monthly costs. According to BizTech, leading managed service providers “also offer ongoing management and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure, along with end-user support and service guarantees.”

Itaú Bank recently tapped Xamin for its IT expertise and support functions. Federico Lozano, Director – Head of Operations and IT of Itaú Bank, said, “Last year we experienced several issues in our IT department. Our Chief Compliance Officer recommended we hire Xamin for our IT support functions. Thanks to Xamin, our small bank in New York can now focus on our main money-making business – banking, while we trust and rely on Xamin for everything IT related.”

“With more than two decades of experience, we are firm believers that there is no substitute for integrity,” said Jonathan Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer at Xamin. “We’ve gained the trust of organizations across the country by going above and beyond. Through our consultative, “white glove” approach, we work with each client to fully understand their unique challenges and then implement customized solutions that exceed their expectations. Our process is proven as demand for our services grows. We had a terrific 2019 and we are already off to a successful 2020.”

About Xamin, Inc. Founded in 1999, Xamin offers industry leading managed IT services to financial institutions as well as other highly regulated and reputation-sensitive industries. The organization provides a suite of technology solutions including infrastructure, security, cloud, data protection and professional services. Xamin specializes in transforming IT to a revenue driving capability for an organization rather than a cost and compliance challenge. Its consultative, “white glove” approach ensures its services meet the needs of the customer and auditors. Xamin has committed annually to the examination and reporting of controls in a service organization under the SOC2 Type II certification.