Protecting clients across the country, the managed IT service provider marks 20 years as an industry leader

Xamin, a leading provider of managed IT services (MSP) for highly regulated and reputation-sensitive companies, announced today that the company has served as a trusted IT Solutions Provider for 20 years. As the company celebrates this milestone, Xamin aims to continue delivering a full suite of proven technology solutions to its clients including infrastructure, security, cloud, data protection and professional services.

Risk-taking usually isn’t high on the priority list for highly regulated and reputation-sensitive businesses, but despite that, there are inherent risks with operating these organizations. Recent data breaches attacking the country’s top-tier organizations have caused executives to re-evaluate the technology strategy at their companies. With massive amounts of consumer data in their hands, even the slightest security lapse allows hackers an entry point. These organizations must embrace a new standard for protecting their data – they need a compliance-focused MSP on their side.

Having protected financial institutions for years, Xamin’s experience has been a catalyst for other businesses with concerns surrounding breaches, non-public information and their overall reputation. Xamin provides a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced marketplace by employing cutting-edge technologies that predict, instead of reacting, to future business needs. The company helps organizations focus on fostering long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and collaboration, which are integral components to achieving growth and sustaining long-term value.

“Celebrating 20 years is a testament to our unparalleled solutions and our outstanding team,” said Pete Smothers, Chief Operating Officer at Xamin. “For two decades, we have specialized in transforming IT into a revenue-driving capability for organizations, rather than a cost and compliance challenge, through our consultative, ‘white glove’ approach. This ensures our services meet the needs of not only customers but auditors as well. We’re proud of our successes and look forward to many more years helping institutions and organizations.”

“Since its inception in 1999, Xamin has focused on moving forward, above and beyond,” said Jonathan Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer at Xamin. “Our company focuses on helping companies streamline compliance procedures and drive down bottom-line costs by partnering with the organization’s IT department to develop and expand its goals and create a technology roadmap.”

Smith continued, “In our experience, there is no substitute for integrity. At Xamin, we continually gain the trust of institutions and organizations across the country by going the extra mile – by taking the time to understand each challenge and then implementing customized solutions. We not only meet expectations, we exceed them. We are excited to continue to thrive with our employees, partners and clients as we celebrate this achievement throughout 2020.”

About Xamin

Founded in 1999, Xamin offers industry leading managed IT services to financial institutions as well as other highly regulated and reputation-sensitive industries. The organization provides a suite of technology solutions including infrastructure, security, cloud, data protection and professional services. Xamin specializes in transforming IT to a revenue driving capability for an organization rather than a cost and compliance challenge. Its consultative, “white glove” approach ensures its services meet the needs of the customer and auditors. Xamin has committed annually to the examination and reporting of controls in a service organization under the SOC2 Type II certification. For more information, visit