IT Services for Financial Institutions

IT Services for Financial Institutions


Architecting, procuring, implementing, and supporting the technology financial institutions rely on 24/7 is not for the faint of heart.  To say the least, it is a tall order.


The regulatory scrutiny banks and credit unions face as well as their appropriate demand for superior service delivery that enables their organizations to perform at the highest level is also a tall order.


Successful FI’s know that selecting the right partner that can help them keep a keen focus on the needs of their customers and members is what matters most to their businesses.


Enter Xamin.


With nearly two decades of industry experience, Xamin has established a proven track record in the industry when it comes to supporting the technology that serves as the foundation for improved performance from core processing partners like Fiserv, FIS (Fidelity), Jack Henry, and more.


The financial services industry is challenged with a highly competitive market place, compliance and regulatory overhead, constant and costly cybersecurity threats, and unparalleled service level standards. Each FI is uniquely identified by their individual objectives.


Xamin continues to create success by assisting their clients meet business goals while adhering to regulatory demands.  A true business partner.


Whether you are the CEO of a $250 million bank or the IT manager of a $10 billion financial services institution, Xamin has proven to integrate successfully at all levels, providing a powerful ongoing view of the future of financial institutions, connected and highly influential in your regulated community.


Xamin’s commitment to the financial services vertical is revealed by our successful completion of an annual SOC2 certification.


Let us show you how we can fortify your team by working together to build your IT roadmap, embark on long term modernization initiatives, and strengthen your business future.


Stay Secure, Connected And Close To Customers:

  • Maximize IT spend – boost organizational performance
  • Keep mission-critical applications running reliably and smoothly
  • Create and maintain a strategic IT roadmap
  • Audit assistance and auditor friendly reporting