Download part one of our five part whitepaper series ‘Rise of the Remote Workforce’ here!

Xamin, a leading provider of managed IT services for highly regulated and reputation-sensitive companies, has released part one of its latest whitepaper series, “Rise of the Remote Workforce: How to be Safe, Secure and Productive.” In the whitepaper, Xamin helps financial institutions navigate the sudden change to having employees’ work from home and offers insights on how to achieve productivity and well-being.

Historically, financial institutions have been hesitant to allow employees to work remotely due to the challenges associated with that decision, such as security risks, reduced oversight, fewer management capabilities, mental health impacts and more. However, as the pandemic swept across the nation, financial institutions rapidly made the decision to send most – or all – of their employees home to work remotely. While many are ready to have their team back in the office, the recent pandemic and influx of remote work options will create major culture challenges. The new financial institution will require the flexibility to allow employees to work remotely, securely and productively. In fact, 54 percent of adults want the flexibility to continue working remotely after the pandemic, according to a new study from IBM.

Xamin’s whitepaper explores the use of behavioral assessments, technology and other communication strategies to help financial institutions overcome the obstacles to achieving productivity and well-being – whether their employees are at the office or working at home. The company’s latest whitepaper is the first in a five-part series, “Rise of the Remote Workforce,” which aims to help financial institutions prepare for the new workforce and inevitable culture shift due to the pandemic.

“In creating this whitepaper series, we have leveraged our team’s experiences as a fully remote workforce for the last seven years,” said Jonathan Smith, President and CEO of Xamin. “This paper explains how financial institutions can use behavioral assessments to ensure a productive remote workforce and provides insights into how to measure your employees’ mental health – all shared through the lens of our personal experiences and backed by industry research and expertise.”

Additionally, the whitepaper dives into the importance of anticipating the cognitive effects that financial institutions’ decisions will have on their employees, and explains why banks and credit unions need to discover how to assist employees through a situational management strategy.  

To find out how your financial institution can overcome the potential obstacles of a remote workforce, download the whitepaper on Xamin’s website.

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